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HiFi Deluxe LIVE Experience                                                                     


- is a live music performance solely original compositions mixed together with two laptops.

- is suitable for lounge bars, clubs, dance events, corporate events, restaurants and private parties as well.

- can be supplemented by a sax player, a percussion player and a female vocalist.

- brings a broad variety of styles and influences and sound familiar for a wide audience.

- brings a positive and pleasant sound and atmosphere and a positive vibe.


"Music is a vital part of any event and really sets the atmosphere".


I usually start with ambient, downbeat or slow jazzy lounge and little by little I use tracks that have more of an ‘up-tempo’ character. The performance can be supplemented by a saxophone/flute player, a percussionist and a female vocalist and we can create several sets with guest musicians. I can provide for a program that lasts all night with some very suitable theatrical acts and performances.


- On behalf of a social network evening for industrialists we were asked to mix some industrial sounds in between  tracks, so I wrote several new tracks and added those to the set. 

- On behalf of a retail event the music for each set was tailored unit by unit and for each presentation, a signature tune was played to draw the audience’s   attention to the speakers. 

- On behalf of a theme night the sets were tailored in consultation and adapted to the themes of that evening. 

- On behalf of a corporate event our were put in and we scheduled a variety of matching sets of music and performances. 

- On behalf of an event with multiple performances by other artists, my sets were adjusted and I filled in the gaps between shows. 

- On behalf of a fashion show I presented a program to fill the gaps between the various fashion shows.


I can offer a range of services to various needs and it's even possible that musical themes

or sound clips are created to be added to the sets, so that every performance is unique

and tailored to the specific event.  

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