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After more as 20 years working as theatre performer I had the feeling that there was something missing.

Before I started with theater performances I always played in bands as a bass-guitar player and percussionist and during that time we had record contracts with Casablanca Records, Side Records, Warner, Phonogram.

We and radio broadcasts, notations in the charts and many, many gigs. After i quited this colaboration with the band 'What if Traumatic' and I started with producing experimental dance music with DJ/producer TTM.

At that time we were true (techno) pioneers and active with lots of people like Extince, Traumatic, DJ Marcello, MadDoc, Robob, Maguro, Funckarma and many more.


Until now I had 6 releases with HiFi Deluxe, my first gigs at some cultural events and i am putting myself more and more on the marked as live performance.

For lounge bars, restaurants and corporate or business events my goal is to create a nice and gentle atmosphere were people can communicate and meet each other.

I am not the main thing and serving the event and tread people with beautiful, surprising and uplifting sounds, beats and atmospheres. I even like to combine the music with live musicians, performers and audiovisual arts to create a total atmosphere that really makes a difference. 

I participate with ieoie's animated designs as Morphing Platonics and Torus Fun Playground and composed music for some theatrical performances like Laguna and Nektar from Iris van der Sar.


The firs release will be a re-release from The Venue and in the spring of 2014 my first album will be released as

'Arts and Parts from Past and Present' and some more releases

wil come out this year under some different Brandnames.

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